Sun festival is one of the many goa/psytrance/chill festivals organized in Hungary.
2013 was the first Sun festival and also the first of these kind of gathering for me.
These kind of festivals spread love, joy, creativity and freedom and an ecologic awareness.
The media coverage on these festivals is not always favorable which leads many people to believe that these festivals are very underground, and full with drugs and strange, outcast people.
The real picture is very different to be honest. Aggression and frustration literally disappear from these places and everyone becomes very human and gentle. People of every age, background, nationality and interest gather to celebrate. It is a real-time experiment for a heart-chakra society where everybody concentrates on creativity, community, love, peace and joy.
I would suggest for everyone to go these festivals regardless of their music taste and experience it for themselves...

Photographer of Ozora Festival preparation 2018

Photographer of Ozora Festival preparation 2019

Photographer of Gy├╝ttment Festival 2019

Photographer at Zengeto Festival 2019