Climate Kic Summer Journey 2014
Transform Project
India, Ahmedabad
Welcome Migrants
project for Menedék Egyesület, Hungary
Stefano Benni writer (2013)
Budapest Architecture FilmDays 2014
Leave/Stay behind the scenes shots
Documentary movie
Gala Dinner in ruin bar (2012)
NXP kft - teambuilding (2012 oct)
Videoclip and pictures
"We have just watched the video with everyone and had a huge laugh. It is great. We will definitely recommend you
We love Budapest conference
2012 spring
Old timer meeting - 2011 september
Backstage Photos at Titus G. Pandi
Catalogue Shooting 2011 November
Backstage photo - editorial
photographer: Balázs Koch
Misero Prospero Theatre (2012)
Murder considered as one of the Fine Arts
We love Budapest conference
12 December 2011