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Wedding photos with style and grace - a day to remember.

My style combines the classical composition principles of portrait photography with reportage-documentary.
My aim is to give back to the atmosphere and mood, I'm looking for the honest and true moments.

Professionalism does not stop at perfect compositions and inventing poses for couples - it is the starting point, and these are indeed important qualities of a good photographer.
For me it means to let people be honest and truthful before my lenses, search for the beautiful lights around and to capture the atmosphere and spirit of the moment inside the pictures. I would like to give you images which will make you feel and almoast smell the day it was taken. Every time you re-watch them.

I enjoy inventing creative concepts and poses, of course, when it comes to creative couple photography or taking pictures of groups. Also here, I thrive for the joyful and easy-relaxed mood providing always the best pictures.

Editing and after effects are a very important part of my work-flow since they allow me to give a unique personal touch to the pictures. I retouch and give special effects to each photo, but sometimes so slightly that it is almoast not noticeable - again, to keep it natural and honest.

I work partly in Mallorca, so if you are curious to see my work I do there, click here:
Wedding of Ascen and Cuco, 2011 May
„ It was great to see your photos, they are like surprise moments that I had not lived...” Ascen, Murcia, Spain
Sabrina and Alberto, 2011 March
"Thank you so much because every time I see your pictures I get excited like that day" Sabrina, Milan, Italy
Réka and Andris (2012)
Bride and groom cruising in town :)
Wedding of Ági and Andris, 2011 Aug
"The pictures are amazing! We cannot repeat enough times: thank you thank you..."
Andris & Ági 2011 September
Parc du Sceaux, Paris