Freelance photographer, artist and catalyst.
I was born in and I am currently living in Budapest.

I use the term catalyst as my version of a contemporary polyhistor. I am as much a photographer and artist as an organizer, a communicator, a guide, a traveller, a social scientist, a teacher and someone working to make this world a better place.
I am teaching regularly on my photo tours, private lessons and workshops.
In my commercial photography work, I specialize in the following fields:
- working with NGOs and social, cultural projects making this world a better place
- working with small, local businesses
- travel photography
- architecture
- creating memories for people shooting couples, wedding, portraits and children
2013-2015 Member of the leading committee of the 'Young Photographer Artist's Studio' in Budapest.

My art and other projects:

I speak English, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian and French. I do projects around Europe.

Parlo italiano, tedesco, inglese, ungherese, spagnolo.

L'insostenibile leggerezza- altro

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Autoritratto in erba
Selfportrait in the grass (2009)