PRIVATE Budapest Photo Tour and courses - learn from a professional!

I really like to join my passion of photography and art, meeting people, travel without moving away and working as a tour guide.

I would like to take your around my beautiful city, Budapest tell you all the knowledge I accumulated of many years of working as a tour guide.
I love Budapest and it has so many faces, Jewish artsy district,
The Castle Hill, the elegant Parliament and centre - just tell me your needs and we will go there :)

Did you know that Robert Capa, Martin Munkácsy, Andre Kertész and many more world famous photographers were Hungarian?
Come and learn about the 'art of light' in the country of these great masters :)

I hope you have a camera and a passion for photography. Would you like to improve your skills? Or maybe you are a total beginner?
Or you would just like to learn some more about composition and framing? I will teach you on the level you need the tricks in photography.
Did you know how much a little digital camera can do as well? Let us discover it :)

We can do street photo, architectural photo, portraits, city scapes or just a mix of everything. Budapest photo walk is suitable for any field.
The walk will be tailor made to your wishes, so It can be more about learning or more about sightseeing, it is totally up to you.

You will gain a lot of insight to your camera, you will be able to ask anything you have wanted to ask for a long time about photography.
You will see how much you can improve in 4 hours and your shots will be more stunning and interesting and more in connection with your personality.


Budapest Photo tours are 4 hour long and combine sightseeing with some photo shooting. Customized to your interests and private. It can be about instagraming Budapest, or we can sit down and discuss some technical settings on your camera and put learnt things into practice, or we just walk and you recieve tips and tricks from me while we discover Budapest.

Price is 145 euro for a group (1-4 people).

What topics we can cover?

- getting to know your camera (settings, modes, etc.)

- basic or advanced comprehension of Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, Flash, White Balance - and how to use the Manual mode

- composition and framing

- about gears (tripod, external flash, lenses, filters etc.)

- after editing possibilities (raw or jpeg, pixel size, how and when to exhibit your photos?)

- develop your own artistic language in photography


You feel like a simple photo walk would not be enough for you? So you should come to my photo courses
where you can gain deep insight into various fields in photography. Learn the arts and crafts of photography and master your camera.
The courses can be tailor made to your needs but I give you some ideas:

Get the basics! Become a pro!

- courses compose of 3 or 4 hour sessions with 50% theory and 50% walking and shooting setting learnt things in practice
- extensive printed material tailor made for your needs with all the information you need
- I just give you so much abut the technological part what you need to understand, my focus is on that you really understand and are able to shoot in manual mode after 3 hours
- topcis can be various:
- basic technical (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, white balance etc.) and basic composition
- Curious about night photography? Would like to use the camera in Manual Mode?
- Are you into portraits and would need someone to tell some tricks?
Whatever your interest, we will deepen your knowledge about that.

Become a wholistic photographer mastering the arts and crafts of it
- This course is more designed for advanced camera users. Are you searching for your style?
Do you feel you know technical things but would need some help to develop your artistic style? We will discuss your fields of interest,
and you will go home with having a direction and feeling inspired for new photo projects.

For private and group courses, contact me for more info.

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Member of the Pogacia Photo team: József Bankó

The tours have become so popular that I have started working with József. Read his introduction here:

"I'm a professional photographer and photo tour guide. I have completed my BA degree in photography at the Kaposvár University Faculty of Arts. I live and work in Budapest, doing commissioned works and my personal works / art projects as well.

I love sharing the years of experience with those who need a photo tour session either to learn the essentials or to reach an advanced level at using their camera.

No matter what your main focus is, if you'd like to do a walking tour, visit the most remarkable sites and return home with wonderful shots of this exceptional city or you'd like to focus much more on the photographical techniques and tricks ­ my goal is to support you with the level of knowledge that specifically you need.

You'll be satisfied with the resulting images ­ and I enjoy this mutual “work” the most.

Best regards and see you soon in Budapest. "


Sandra's first day with a DSLR 

"Have a wonderful day and thanks again for everything yesterday. We really enjoyed it very much." Vincent and Sandra
: "Have a wonderful day and thanks again for everything yesterday. We really enjoyed it very much." Vincent and Sandra


The best spots for panorama 


getting up at 4 am :)
Nitin shooting sunrise: getting up at 4 am :)

Ali mastering manual mode  


We were discussing shutterspeed with Ali - waterdrops are blurry and I got wet :)
: We were discussing shutterspeed with Ali - waterdrops are blurry and I got wet :)

Ali's DOF portrait of me. 

we discovered non-touristic districts
With István: we discovered non-touristic districts


Deaglan's photo 

Street photo in action! 

Fabio doing streetphoto 



Castle Hill
Sunset silhouette : Castle Hill