My photo series was given the second prize in the professional category for the contest of 'MS, the disease with a thousand faces' 2012.

Kriszta was 32 years old when I met her and she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a few years ago. The disease appeared at a relatively young age in her life.MS is a mysterious auto immune illness - it affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively. It is more common among women and the Norther you move on the planet, the more cases you find, and it is virtually unknown around the Equator... Although much is known about the mechanisms involved in the disease process, the cause remains unknown. Theories include genetics or infections. Or environmental risks. Or lack of love and affection? - Kriszti added at point when we were talking. Fact is, that stress worsens the condition of the patient in all cases.

The symptoms and the gravity can be various. Many people get by with an injection per week, and they can lead full and happy lives. Others, like Kriszti see their physical state deteriorate day by day and cannot come to terms with neither of the medications proposed. Kriszta is a fighter and she knows she will be free of symptoms one day. Her family is not there to lean on, but there are her friends, old and new, and her strong will. She takes every opportunity to connect to new people, get out for a coffee and a cigarette and to believe in treatments which are not canonized by traditional medicine. She found her body responding very well to Tibetan Bowl Sound therapy. The next goal is to be able to stretch her legs and then to be able to walk again.

The award ceremony was on the 30 May 2012, the International day of MS. While I was letting a balloon into the air, I thought of my grandmother who suffered from this illness as well.

Thank you Kriszta and everybody else involved in this photo series!

I gave 50% of the prize money to Kriszta.

Kriszta passed away in 2014. I wanted to continue or photoproject several times but she refused. She just wanted to meet me, get help, a chat, some love but no photos. She got a boyfriend who took her out of the care home and she was planning to go abroad for some special treatment. I got the notice about her passing away in the days when I was supposed to go and take her passport picture.

There are many elements in this story about which you cannot and also do not want to talk about. I am not sure how much she was a fighter in the end and there were many controversial elements in her life which I could not understand. I also did not want to. We do not have to understand everything to feel compassion and love. Bless your soul Kriszta.