Personalized gift vouchers for Christmas (or also other occasions).

Is your loved on into photography? Then this Budapest private photo lesson & tour vouchers could be the perfect gift for them.

All the vouchers are uniquely made and courses are designed for every individual's need.

Half day Budapest Photo tour
Budapest Photo tours are 4 -hour-long and combine sightseeing with some photo shooting. Customized to your interests and private. It can be about instagramming Budapest, or we can sit down and discuss some technical settings on your camera and put learnt things into practice, or we just walk and you receive tips and tricks from me while we discover Budapest.
You will gain a lot of insight to your camera, you will be able to ask anything you have wanted to ask for a long time about photography.
You will see how much you can improve in 4 hours and your shots will be more stunning and interesting and more in connection with your personality.
***** PRICE: 145 EUR *****

Shoot like PRO! Private photocourse voucher - 10, 15 and 20 hour variations
A private course where you can gain deep insight into various fields in photography. Learn the arts and crafts of photography and master your camera.
Courses compose of 2 to 3 hour sessions with 50% theory and 50% walking and shooting setting learnt things in practice. There is an extensive printed material tailor made for your needs with all the information you need.
The courses can be tailor made to your needs but I give you some ideas of the topics we can cover:

Get the basics! Become a pro!
- basic technical (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, white balance etc.) and basic composition, learning Manual Mode

Curious about night photography?

Are you into portraits and would need someone to tell you some tricks?

Become a wholistic photographer mastering the arts and crafts of it: This course is more designed for advanced camera users. Are you searching for your style? Do you feel you know technical things but would need some help to develop your artistic style? We will discuss your fields of interest,and you will go home with having a direction and feeling inspired for new photo projects.

***** PRICE 10 hour course 275 EUR *****
***** PRICE 15 hour course 390 EUR *****
***** PRICE 20 hour course 500 EUR *****

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+36 70 402 58 38